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Kerry King plays new guitar solo, says goodbye to the one he’s used for the last 25 years.


The title track off of Slayer’s upcoming album World Painted Blood is now streaming on the band’s Myspace page. Give it a listen.

Yup, that’s what a Slayer song sounds like. Except for the guitar solo. We all know Kerry King gets all this hate for his soloing style. Many people have said it’s the same solo over and over and blah blah. Well, all of you Negative Nancy types have to give a listen to the solo on “World Painted Blood.” It’s slow and completely different from his usual. I’m digging it.

World Paint Blood is out November 3rd.


Big Four Tour..more rumors.

This is actually a story from last week, but Robert Trujillo, who supposedly plays bass for Metallica*, is now talking about the big four tour as if the shit might be happening. Here is a quote from Mr. Trujillo regarding the situation during an interview with Blabbermouth:

I think it’s great. We’ve had a few different conversations on the subject. I’m friends with (SLAYER‘s) Kerry King and had dinner with him a few months back, and it came up there. I think (MEGADETH‘s) Dave Mustaine is amazing. I’ve never had a problem with him personally. I think it’d be great if METALLICA shared the stage with his band. METALLICA‘s still great friends with (ANTHRAX‘s) Scott Ian. There’s a lot of history there. I think it’d be great for metal. I don’t think all four bands have played together at the same time.

I’m getting excited, but I know it’s over nothing. Let’s say everyone agrees to this tour. We all know Anthrax would open, but it’s that second spot I’m curious about. Would it be Megadeth, or Slayer? And if it’s one over the other, what would either egomaniac, Mustaine/King have to say? Things are already too complicated as it is, so, again, I won’t hold my breath. I’ll wait till tickets go on sale.

* – There is no proof Robert Trujillo plays bass, or if there even is a bass present on Death Magnetic.


The Week in Metallica

When it’s a slow news day, I know I can appease the Suck My Rock team with a little Metallica Recap, and this week sure was Metallicalicious.


Weezer celebrated the 18th anniversary of their first single “Undone – The Sweater Song” and this time, they really undid it. Rivers admitted to Rolling Stone that the song is a rip off of Metallica’s ‘Welcome Home (Sanitarium)’ and that they were trying to be cool like Velvet Underground but couldn’t escape how metal they were. When they wrote a song about sweaters. Yep.

Jim Breuer sat down for a rare interview with Metallica back in February, but since he’s such a stoner, the video didn’t get uploaded… until now.

In some British radio poll, Metallica’s “Enter Sandman” was voted the #1 track. Just another boring day bein’ Metallica.

Slayer’s Kerry King (of gossip) started some rumor about a quadruple bill featuring Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer and Anthrax. He heard it from someone who heard it from someone who heard it from Lars who might be retarded anyway.

Metalheads went apeshit when they found out that apes stop going apeshit when you play Metallica. Shit is like Xanax for monkeys (or, wait, maybe not).



Big Four Tour…Riiiiight.

It’ll never happen, right? Right?! It’s a possibility..Maybe.

Metal Hammer recently spoke with Kerry King of Slayer and he says differently. Kinda..

“I’ve heard people referencing Lars,” says King. “I don’t know Lars that well and I haven’t heard it from Lars but apparently he’s talking to somebody about it. Maybe us, Metallica, Megadeth (and), I think he even threw in Anthrax and I said in this day and age, I know we had that time together but how do you leave out Machine Head? There’s better options than Anthrax and that’s nothing against Anthrax, but they’ve just been in pieces for quite some time and that doesn’t make as much sense to me.”

So it’s only a rumor but I really don’t think it’ll ever happen. All those dudes hate one another or at least Dave Mustaine hates all of them. I won’t hold my breath, and neither should you.


Slayer’s World Painted Blood gets a release date!


According to my sources (The rest of the internet) World Painted Blood will be released on November 3rd. Rejoice! According to the official press release, there will be a limited edition CD with multiple covers, a deluxe CD/DVD edition and a high-quality 180-gram vinyl edition as well.

I get really excited about a new Slayer albums all the time but then I remember I have to stomach Kerry King’s solos. Oh well, we can’t win ’em all.


Dave Mustaine Is at it again!

Oh, Dave.

Dave Mustaine is crazy. I absolutely love the guy’s music. Hell, I was a part of many, many Megadeth > Metallica threads on message boards across the internet. I had no desire to learn guitar until I heard “Symphony of Destruction” for the first time. It’s safe to say that I keep up on all his doings, even when he’s being a moron. Dave recently spoke with Dave Ling of Classic Rock Magazine and, as usual, there are some fucking gems in there.

However, I’m only going to focus on the shit talking he did when it was mentioned he was chosen number one in Joel McIver’s “100 Greatest Metal Guitarists” book:

How did it feel to be No. 1 in Joel McIver’s recent book, “The 100 Greatest Metal Guitarists“?

It was especially sweet when I found out that Joel has written books on Metallica. I looked at my copy of the book — I wasn’t on the cover or the back. I figured I’d be somewhere like No. 69. So I thumbed through it; it’s a really comprehensive, good book. I got to No. 50 and I thought, “Am I in here?” I’d been told that I was, but not which position. So I got No. 16 and I saw Hetfield. I thought, “Wow,” because I respect James. I’m a better lead player than he is, but he’s one of the three best rhythm players in the world.

The other two being?

Malcolm Young [of AC/DC] and myself. Malcolm kept it basic but brought a whole new style of rhythm playing to the world. So I got to the Top 10… I still wasn’t in there. Every page I turned, I became more excited. I get to No. 5 and it’s Kirk [Hammett], and I thought, “Thank you, God.” At that point it didn’t matter [which position I was]. To be better than both of them [Hetfield and Hammett] meant so much — it’s been one of the pet peeves of my career and I’ve never known how to deal with it. I didn’t realize that it has had so much bearing upon my life. Then I got to No. 2 and it was John Petrucci [of Dream Theater] and I froze. I was No. 1. What made it better still is that the guy wrote: “This isn’t about Dave as a person because he’s been a cock” — [interjects with a bray of laughter] — “These four pages are about his guitar playing, which is the best. There are people who are better at one thing that Mustaine does, and others that are better than another, but no-one who’s as good at everything.” All I thought was… I win!

I haven’t read the book yet. Someone tell me where Dimebag is, please. Also, I just found out that Dave Mustaine will have his own radio show soon. I would give anything to be his co-host. Please, Jews who run radio, let me be his co-host.


Megadeth – 1,320

The latest leak off of Megadeth’s upcoming album Endgame. I’m surprised Mustaine has time to record music between all the shit talking he does. If “Headcrusher” wasn’t enough for you to decide whether this album is going to be great, listen to “1,320.” The guitar solos are pretty sick.

Endgame will be released September 15th via Roadrunner.

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