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Interview: Memphis May Fire

Sometimes we can’t work a phoner out because of schedules, so we do email interviews instead. The Memphis May Fire guys are on a bus heading to their first stop of their Summer tour, but they were kind enough to sacrifice vocalist Matt Mullins to  answer some questions I had regarding their new album, tour, and titties.


Alfonzo: I suppose an email interview isn’t as interesting as a phoner, or in person, but you’re going to have to deal with me. Maybe you can pretend I’m a big breasted, barely 21 beach bunny named Mandy.

Matt Mullins: Hahaha. Sounds good.

A: Now that you realize you’re in for a tedious read, tell me all about Sleepwalking, your debut album on Trusykill.

MM: Sleepwalking is a new breed of rock n roll. We wanted to have an honest lyrical message but also tell people that there is still hope in this crazy world, and that there is more than just the here and now. Our fans will notice that music wise, its much more aggressive guitar work and noticeably more melodic, but still retains that southern swagger. We are very proud of this record and we are sure both old and new fans will love it.

A: Recording an album usually takes longer than an EP, so, tell me, was the recording process more enjoyable this time around? I’m sure everyone got on each other’s nerves. I know you egomaniacal rock stars!

MM: Nah, we had a good time. Its not like this was the first time we’ve spent a long period of time together. Casey Bates is awesome and the studio had a great vibe. Overall, recording the full length was everything we hoped it would be.

A: The music industry is in shambles, who do you think is to blame for that? Is the internet really all that bad for musicians?

MM: The internet hurt the music industry and made it stronger at the same time. Kids are gonna download music no matter what and record sales will never be as high as they used to, but the internet is an amazing tool to share your music with a huge variety of different people and were thankful for that.

A: Staying on the subject of the internet, and the music industry.. What are your expectations for the album as far as sales go? Will you be disappointed if you don’t reach a certain number?

MM: We don’t wanna put a number on that. Were just hoping for the best and were very confident that once the record is out word will spread like wildfire that it’s more than worth buying.

A: What’s the upcoming tour looking like? When and where do you start? When does it end?

MM: We leave with Fear Before and Of Machines July 9th. It’s a full U.S. run that ends August 7th and we’re super stoked!

A: I recently got my e-hands on the new single “North Atlantic Vs. North Carolina.” What the hell is up with that title? Is there a story behind it? Please, do tell.

MM: North Atlantic VS North Carolina is about heartache and deceit. It’s about a good friend of mine that went through a really rough time that affected a lot of people, and the lyrics tell the story from his point of view.  The song name has to do with some detail in the story.

A: Aside from browsing my website incessantly, what do you usually do when you’re at computer?

MM: We respond to, and write a lot of emails. Ninety percent of the music industry biz is all done through Email. And of course MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, etc…

A: What genre of rock do you guys associate with the most? Do you hate being pigeonholed as a “post-hardcore” act?

MM: We have a lot of different influences. People can call us whatever they want.

A: That’s it! I want to thank you for taking time out of your schedule to answer these ridiculous questions. If you have anything to say, the time is now. Take advantage, because I’m not going to edit you.. unless you have typos. I’m a grammar Nazi.

MM: Go buy “Sleepwalking” July 21st! You’re gonna love it

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