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dr. john > rammstein, part deux

It’s creepy, it’s a trip and it’s way better than Rammstein. It’s also over 5 minutes long. I realize this is about 4:50 past your attention span, but do yourself a favor and watch it.


Insane Clown Puppets! What will you stuck up yours?

How much would you pay for Insane Clown Posse felt finger puppets? We’re talkin’ the FULL SET here… Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope! If you have either 2+ fingers, or 1 finger + 1 pen, pencil, mozzarella stick or anything skinny, cruise on over to Etsy and make these yours today for the low, low price of $20.00! These puppets are waiting for you.

Real product description: This set of two hip-hoppers make hard core music together. If you’re a fan of the horrorcore band, Insane Clown Posse’, then these puppets are waiting for you. They are felt finger puppets that will fit most if not all finger sizes. Also, they play well on pens, pencils, anything skinny. They include construction paper detail for the mouths and face paint. Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope are splendid companions for all your clowning around.


Neil Young wants you to buy this for us


It’s true. I have it on good authority that Neil himself wants someone to buy the Neil Young Archives, Vol. 1 for me, and maybe one for Alfonso, too. 128 tracks of Neil, 48 of which are previously unreleased, covering the years 1963 to 1972. This includes several tracks from a group Neil was in called the Squires before he ever came to the USA. The blu-ray edition comes with a 236 page hardcover book, a poster and a wealth of other media and related information about the songs and that period of Neil’s life. A link to downloadable mp3’s of the recordings is also provided, so you can share them on the net put them on your iPod. It’s designed to be update-able, so as new archival footage/tracks/info becomes available, it can be revised. If anyone had any doubts that Neil Young was a techno-geek (even after the lincvolt project), I think they can lay them aside now. If they would also lay aside $300 and buy me the blu-ray edition, that would be great.


Greed, or how seriously fucked up record companies can be

Once upon a time, some white dude wrote a musical arrangement for an a cappella African-American work song. He recorded it and released it under his band’s own label and it became a regional hit. Producers in New York thought it was a cool song, but instead of picking up the dude’s band, they decided to form a new band around him. Either the old band guys were poor musicians, or the new guys gave better head; who can say? The new guys didn’t even have to record a new version of the cool song; the producers just stuck the old version on their album unchanged. This new band only recorded one other album which didn’t sell well. Dude that did the cool song had left the band after the 1st album, so the 2nd album was just a bunch of guys that had nothing to do with a cool song cashing in on it’s success. The only thing more fucked up than that in this whole situation was the fact that the NAACP and the Congress of Racial Equality called for a boycott of the song. It was a black work song 1st recorded by a black man named James Baker in 1933. It was also recorded by Lead Belly in 1941. No call for a boycott of those recordings, though.

Anyway, the band was Ram Jam, the song was Black Betty and here they are getting goofy while playing it. The lead guitarist/singer is the only one I can gaurantee had anything to do with the song originally.


Pulp Non-Fiction

Let’s talk about Dick Dale. How can you not respect a cranky old bastard that has lived through rectal cancer. Twice. 72 years old and still putting together a rocking act. The guy has been innovative in both his style of play and his equipment. He’s thought to be the first American rock guitarist to incorporate non-Western scales into his music (think Misirlou) and was the first guitarist to employ a 100 watt amplifier. When this guy kicks it, there will be no successor to the title “king of the surf guitar”; there is no other.

Here he is at a much younger 70 years old, playing with G. E. Smith (a guy that seems to get all the best gigs).


no entries today.

I had assist my girlfriend in getting birth control, so you know how that goes. This weekend the SMR team will be at mayhem fest interviewing SLAYER!!! Stay tuned for the interview and show review!!

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