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This is a song called Hocus Pocus by a Dutch band called Focus. I never knew quite what to make of this song when it came out and watching the video hasn’t shed any light on the subject. One thing I do know is that regardless of what the marijuana laws were in the Netherlands in 1971, these dudes were smoking SOMETHING.


dr. john > rammstein, part deux

It’s creepy, it’s a trip and it’s way better than Rammstein. It’s also over 5 minutes long. I realize this is about 4:50 past your attention span, but do yourself a favor and watch it.


Mastodon’s “Obllivion” piano cover

Spotted this over at Metal Sucks. It’s not bad at all, but I haven’t gotten to the guitar solo yet.


adventures in IM’s with alfonso and uncle reg

I kind of despise those soul-less note machines Steve Vai and Ingwie Maalmsteen. Read all about it:

uncle reg (10:24:25 PM): fuck steve vai

uncle reg (10:24:38 PM): vai will NEVER play like that

uncle reg (10:25:19 PM): stevie dedicated that to everyone suffering

uncle reg (10:25:26 PM): i think he meant vai fans

alfonso zayas (10:29:26 PM): hahahahhahahaha

alfonso zayas (10:29:57 PM): did you say SRV was your fave?

uncle reg (10:31:37 PM): favorite guitar player, yes

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Sorry, Barry.

I’d like to apologize to Barry Manilow for taking a shot at him a few posts back. I just listened to his song “Could It Be Magic?” and found the intro quite pleasing.

Oh wait. Found out that intro was based on “Prelude in C Minor” by Chopin. Nevermind. Also turns out that his other hit “I Write the Songs” wasn’t written by him. I love the irony of that, but please continue sucking it, Barry.


Steven Tyler starring in his own real-life remake of “grumpy old men”!

So unless you’ve been either living under a rock or don’t give a shit (i fall under the latter category), you’ve no doubt heard Steven Tyler quit Aerosmith. His now former bandmates heard about it over the internet. FAUX PAS Steven! We know you’re old, but you should still remember your break-up etiquette. I now have a theory that his previous 2 accidents were no accident at all. He knew an actual break-up would be ugly and awkward so he tried to end it. Watch the video and decide for yourself!


Even More Cowbell!

This isn’t really about the cowbell, this is really another installment of “dumb shit record companies do”. In the early 60’s, there was a folk band comprised of a group of brothers. By brothers, I mean siblings. Coincidentally, they were black, so I guess you could go either way on that, you racist. Anyway, they started out as a folk group. Pretty natural, considering they grew up singing in a Baptist church. In the mid 60’s, they shifted to doing electric music like many other folk performers were, dabbling in both R&B and Psychedelia. They got offers to sign with numerous record companies, but accepted an offer from Columbia. In 1966, they wrote a really cool song and wanted to record it. Columbia president Clive Davis refused, saying they didn’t record that kind of music but offered to find a white group to record it for them. Apparently, execs thought they were being “uppity” after hearing the song, as it’s an actual intelligent commentary on the state of things at that point in history. They recorded it anyway, but Columbia still refused to release it. For 2 years, they played it at their live shows and it became the centerpiece of their reportoire. Finally, in 1968 they scored a minor hit and Columbia gave them the green light to re-record the cool song. The single peaked at #11 on Billboard;s pop list, the album at #4. It’s been used extensively in soundtracks for both film and television. The group was The Chambers Brothers and the song is “Time Has Come Today”. I highly recommend picking up the 11:06 album track, but here’s an extremely abbreviated version of it from the Ed Sullivan Show.

And a bonus! An awesome 1983 cover by The Ramones:


On the road!

My sincerest apologies to those who read this site on a regular basis. We’re all pretty busy around these parts and the last few weeks have been hell for me especially. I’ve taken some odd jobs that have required me to travel the Western United States. While doing so I picked up some CDs, and here’s a little blurb on each of them..

Hatebreed’s latest – I don’t even know the name of it, however, I don’t seem to mind. Save your money, folks. I found this album to be an absolute bore. It felt like Jamey Jasta was done making music for artistic purposes and just decided to rake in a few bucks. I know lots of musicians are on that side of the spectrum these days, but the feeling was almost instant when I popped the cd in. Aside from that, there’s a cover of Metallica’s “Escape” as a bonus track which I have considered the worst cover of all time.

Megadeth’s Endgame – I understand that the days of the “classic” lineup are over and the band hasn’t released anything amazing since the 90’s, but, this album was surprisingly entertaining. Not once on my drive to Boise did I skip a song. There’s plenty of great riffs and solos on this album to keep you air guitaring in your car. Don’t pay attention to lyrics. They’re terrible.

Revocation’s Existence is Futile – Holy motherfucker. The hype from Invisible Oranges was enough for me to seek this one out. I traveled to several record stores looking for it, and finally found it in Salt Lake City. I listened to this one several several times through, back to back. It’s just that good. David Davidson’s guitar work is really some of the most refreshing I’ve heard in some time. I can’t do this one justice, buy the album.

Baroness Blue Record – After many listens I decided that this is easily one of my favorite albums this year. I forget about good music in an attempt to discover the most brutal, heavy shit that I can. All that “metal” shit aside, this is just a fucking phenomenal rock record. A perfect album to chill and burn a fat one to.


Aging Rockers Help Get Homeless LA Kids Off My Stoop

Not all kids in LA are obnoxious, bratty turds with fast cars and nicer phones than me. More than 10,000 of them sleep on the streets, in abandoned buildings, and other creative places. Sometimes they sleep on my front stoop, which actually gets kind of annoying and once I had to call the cops but that’s neither here nor there.

Thank God for Slash and friends! Slash (…and friends) are putting on a show Nov. 22 at Avalon in Hollywood to benefit LAYN – Los Angeles Youth Network, a non-profit that provides shelter, food and counseling for the abused, neglected and abandoned. Tickets to LAYN Rocks are kinda pricey, but it’s sure to have some worthwhile moments. Plus, it’s charity, so quit using the “but we’re in a recession!” excuse and take a moment to give a shit. LAYN Rocks features performances by:

Ozzy Osbourne (actually the site spells it Osborne, so it might be a different Ozzy altogether)
Chris Cornell
Billy Idol
Travis Barker
Andrew Stockdale of Wolfmother
Dave Navarro
Chester Bennington of Linkin Park
…and your host… George Lopez!

Slash with George Lopez


Will Ferrell’s Muse?

Check it out at 3:04. If this isn’t the inspiration behind Ferrell’s performance in the cowbell sketch, I don’t know what is. Best part is, Will didn’t even have to take it much further over the top than this. This is pretty funny all on it’s own. Of course, the only reason I know about this is I decided to search for this song on youtube because I like it and was listening to it on my computer. Jay Ferguson was a pretty talented musician and never should have been a one hit wonder.

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