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Mastodon’s “Obllivion” piano cover

Spotted this over at Metal Sucks. It’s not bad at all, but I haven’t gotten to the guitar solo yet.


On the road!

My sincerest apologies to those who read this site on a regular basis. We’re all pretty busy around these parts and the last few weeks have been hell for me especially. I’ve taken some odd jobs that have required me to travel the Western United States. While doing so I picked up some CDs, and here’s a little blurb on each of them..

Hatebreed’s latest – I don’t even know the name of it, however, I don’t seem to mind. Save your money, folks. I found this album to be an absolute bore. It felt like Jamey Jasta was done making music for artistic purposes and just decided to rake in a few bucks. I know lots of musicians are on that side of the spectrum these days, but the feeling was almost instant when I popped the cd in. Aside from that, there’s a cover of Metallica’s “Escape” as a bonus track which I have considered the worst cover of all time.

Megadeth’s Endgame – I understand that the days of the “classic” lineup are over and the band hasn’t released anything amazing since the 90’s, but, this album was surprisingly entertaining. Not once on my drive to Boise did I skip a song. There’s plenty of great riffs and solos on this album to keep you air guitaring in your car. Don’t pay attention to lyrics. They’re terrible.

Revocation’s Existence is Futile – Holy motherfucker. The hype from Invisible Oranges was enough for me to seek this one out. I traveled to several record stores looking for it, and finally found it in Salt Lake City. I listened to this one several several times through, back to back. It’s just that good. David Davidson’s guitar work is really some of the most refreshing I’ve heard in some time. I can’t do this one justice, buy the album.

Baroness Blue Record – After many listens I decided that this is easily one of my favorite albums this year. I forget about good music in an attempt to discover the most brutal, heavy shit that I can. All that “metal” shit aside, this is just a fucking phenomenal rock record. A perfect album to chill and burn a fat one to.


Metallica was a great band. Obviously this was before you were born.

I’d like to remind Uncle Reg, even though he is anti-metal, Metallica was a band with real substance in their music. They didn’t have to do covers and sound like rednecks to be listenable once upon a time. Let me point you to 1986*:

* – Performance in Germany in 2003.


Iron Sheik prank calls Roadrunner.

I don’t know if this is really Roadrunner Records on the other end or not (my flabby gut says no). Somebody prank called “Roadrunner” using the Iron Sheik soundboard iPhone app. Missing from this clip is the classic “I fuck you in the ass and make you humble” threat that we know the Sheik to utter every 5 minutes (every 2 minutes on twitter).


Mastodon Destroy Hipster.

During my job search this morning, I decided it’d be nice to wander over to Youtube and watch Mastodon videos because I haven’t watched “The Wolf is Loose” enough. Anyway, I stumbled upon the greatest interview ever. The hipsters from VBS challenged Mastodon to a bowling match and Mastodon destoyed them. Not only did they wallop them on the lanes, but Brent and Troy gave the interviewer a verbal thrashing you wouldn’t believe. Watch the video below.


Brian Fair of Shadows Fall is giving away free shit on Twitter and Facebook!

That’s right! Free shit! The Shadow’s Fall singer had this to say regarding the mini contests he’s running on Twitter and Facebook.

I wanted to let everyone know that for the rest of the tour I will be using my Twitter and Facebook account for daily giveaways for each show of this tour.  Each show day at 3PM local time I will be posting instructions or a code word.  By following the instructions or using the code word some lucky fans that are attending that night’s show get FREE STUFF.  The quantities will be extremely limited so make sure you check out the posts, then get to the show early and get yourself some free stuff!!  Can’t wait to see you at the show.

If you’re a fan, you should start following Brian on Twitter, and adding him as a friend on facebook!


Kerry King plays new guitar solo, says goodbye to the one he’s used for the last 25 years.


The title track off of Slayer’s upcoming album World Painted Blood is now streaming on the band’s Myspace page. Give it a listen.

Yup, that’s what a Slayer song sounds like. Except for the guitar solo. We all know Kerry King gets all this hate for his soloing style. Many people have said it’s the same solo over and over and blah blah. Well, all of you Negative Nancy types have to give a listen to the solo on “World Painted Blood.” It’s slow and completely different from his usual. I’m digging it.

World Paint Blood is out November 3rd.


FULL ALBUM STREAM: Existence is Futile by Revocation


The more I listen the more I think this is going to be my favorite album this year. You can stream Existence is Futile in its entirety by clicking here.


Alice In Chains stream Black Gives Way To Blue


The entire album is streaming on the band’s official website. Click here to listen. Black Gives Way to Blue is out next week!


Big Four Tour..more rumors.

This is actually a story from last week, but Robert Trujillo, who supposedly plays bass for Metallica*, is now talking about the big four tour as if the shit might be happening. Here is a quote from Mr. Trujillo regarding the situation during an interview with Blabbermouth:

I think it’s great. We’ve had a few different conversations on the subject. I’m friends with (SLAYER‘s) Kerry King and had dinner with him a few months back, and it came up there. I think (MEGADETH‘s) Dave Mustaine is amazing. I’ve never had a problem with him personally. I think it’d be great if METALLICA shared the stage with his band. METALLICA‘s still great friends with (ANTHRAX‘s) Scott Ian. There’s a lot of history there. I think it’d be great for metal. I don’t think all four bands have played together at the same time.

I’m getting excited, but I know it’s over nothing. Let’s say everyone agrees to this tour. We all know Anthrax would open, but it’s that second spot I’m curious about. Would it be Megadeth, or Slayer? And if it’s one over the other, what would either egomaniac, Mustaine/King have to say? Things are already too complicated as it is, so, again, I won’t hold my breath. I’ll wait till tickets go on sale.

* – There is no proof Robert Trujillo plays bass, or if there even is a bass present on Death Magnetic.

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