adventures in IM’s with alfonso and uncle reg

I kind of despise those soul-less note machines Steve Vai and Ingwie Maalmsteen. Read all about it:

uncle reg (10:24:25 PM): fuck steve vai

uncle reg (10:24:38 PM): vai will NEVER play like that

uncle reg (10:25:19 PM): stevie dedicated that to everyone suffering

uncle reg (10:25:26 PM): i think he meant vai fans

alfonso zayas (10:29:26 PM): hahahahhahahaha

alfonso zayas (10:29:57 PM): did you say SRV was your fave?

uncle reg (10:31:37 PM): favorite guitar player, yes

alfonso zayas (10:31:53 PM): yes

uncle reg (10:32:28 PM): vai would watch the part @ 2:40 and wonder why he wasn’t playing 8,000 notes

alfonso zayas (10:32:41 PM): HAHAHAHA

uncle reg (10:32:54 PM): and then he’d go into shock when he saw SRV give the solo to the keyboard player

alfonso zayas (10:33:51 PM): HAHAHA

alfonso zayas (10:34:13 PM): i didnt even realize the keyboard player was rockin

alfonso zayas (10:34:14 PM): holy shit

alfonso zayas (10:34:15 PM): hahaha

uncle reg (10:35:20 PM): check out the look on SRV’s face at the very end

uncle reg (10:35:35 PM): when he looks up right after he finishes

alfonso zayas (10:37:57 PM): alright

alfonso zayas (10:38:12 PM): hahahahahah

uncle reg (10:38:48 PM): he knew they just KILLED it

uncle reg (10:39:52 PM): even so, i don’t wish vai and SRV had traded places on that chopper

uncle reg (10:39:58 PM): malmsteen, though…

uncle reg (10:40:20 PM): fuck that fat scandinavian bastard

alfonso zayas (10:41:01 PM): HAHAHAHAHAH

uncle reg (10:43:00 PM): 5 seconds after this was taken, he is demonstrating he can suck cock and suck at guitar at the same time

alfonso zayas (10:43:18 PM): hahahah

alfonso zayas (10:43:24 PM): oh malmsteen

alfonso zayas (10:43:29 PM): no homo

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