Those Crazy Danes!

I got a press release this morning with a cool video attached to it from a band called Kashmir. Apparently these guys are fucking Gods in Europe (Denmark to be exact) and they’re looking to make a splash in America. They’re releasing a digital only EP titled Petite Machine on September 22nd in the States and there are plans to release another in January..and that one has a David Bowie collab. “Surfing the Warm Industry” is the first single off of Petite Machine. The video is about a whore who sleeps her way to the top! Animated whores!! Hit the jump for the full bio!

With ten Danish Music Awards, double platinum sales and sold out tours under their belt, Kashmir, the Danish rock band, is ready to break in the United States. The four musicians – Kasper Eistrup (vocals and lead guitar); Mads Tunebjerg (bass); Asger Techau (drums) and Henrik Lindstrand (keyboards and guitar) – formed the band in Copenhagen over ten years ago. Since then, Kashmir has been the story of a band never looking back, always taking on new challenges and never compromising. Kashmir’s integrity is still strong and profound. The same goes for Kashmir’s footsteps through the history of Danish rock.

Kashmir has released five very well received albums in Europe. With each album claiming their own piece of history in a world of critical songwriting and musicianship, the band has collaborated with artists like David Bowie and Lou Reed. The band has always kept their curiosity and is constantly exploring new territory. They have a history of pushing their own boundaries and keep surprising themselves.

Initially, Kashmir was a bunch of art obsessed manikins; playing around in Copenhagen with different media, such as graphics, street art, absurd poetry and of course music; then they found their means of communication, forming a rock ‘n’ roll band. “The easiest way to get heard was to plug whatever instrument into a guitar amplifier and turn it up ‘till somebody either listened or left. You couldn’t quite get the same attention from painting a picture or reciting a poem,” Kasper recalls.

In 1991, Eistrup, Tunebjerg and Techau formed a rock band under the name “Nirvana” at a boarding school in Frederiksberg, Denmark. They started to perform in local venues, including a local high school. Once The American band Nirvana started to gain success, they changed their name to “Kashmir,” after the Led Zeppelin song.

The rest is history. The band has sold more than 500,000 records combined; has won over the hearts of the press; and has performed countless times in front of thousands.

This fall, the band will finally make their way into the United States by releasing two EPs, showcasing the band’s two recent albums: Zitilites and No Balance Palace. The first EP, PETITE MACHINE, will be released on September 22nd digitally and includes eight tracks of some of the band’s best work to date.

Surfing the Warm Industry, the EP’s focus track, was inspired by the time when early to mid 70s German rock by bands such as Kraftwerk, NEU and Can influenced British/US artists like David Bowie, Brian Eno and Iggy Pop. There is a hypnotic vibe to the song with an etheric psychedelic wash. Lyrically, Kasper was pretty angry with the music industry at the time. The result is an undeniable masterpiece wrapped up in irritated and magnetic bliss.

“Our hope is that these EPs will introduce us a bit more in the United States,” says Tunebjerg. “The EP’s include a variety of songs that are inviting and communicative. We invite our listeners to dream their own landscapes when they listen.”

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