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Video: Municipal Waste – “Wrong Answer”

Behold! The video for Municipal Waste’s “Wrong Answer” off of the band’s latest effort, Massive Aggressive, which is out now!

Daniel (11:23:48 AM): Came out yesterday
me (11:24:57 AM): fuck
me (11:25:03 AM): i want to get the special edition
me (11:25:07 AM): cause it comes with a stash box
me (11:25:08 AM): for your weed
Daniel (11:27:32 AM): Since when do you need a stashbox nigga?
me (11:28:26 AM): since i decided plastic bags are dead giveaways man

Smile Empty Soul Streaming Consciousness in its entirety!


Smile Empty Soul is ready to release their new album “Consciousness” through EMI/F.O.F today, August 25th! To celebrate the release of the album, the band has decided to stream it RIGHT HERE for free!

Those aren’t all the goodies the band is giving away! Smile Empty Soul has teamed up with Monster Energy to host the most kick ass contest of the Summer! One lucky fan will have the band fly to their house for a private show this fall! Enter now for your chance to win

And while you’re at it, visit iTunes to purchase the album:


3 Inches of Blood – “Battles and Brotherhood” now streaming on myspace


Listen to it here. Here Waits Thy Doom will be released September 8th on Century Media. I’m pretty sure “Battles and Brotherhood” is the first single considering they are making a video for it that’ll be directed by Rick Podd.

I feel like playing World of Warcraft after listening to 3IOB. That’s mostly a bad thing since I can’t afford the 15 dollar a month fee. Don’t forget that 3 Inches of Blood are going on tour this Fall with In Flames, Between the Buried and Me and The Faceless! Dates after the jump.

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Motor City Madman? definitely.

Ted Nugent is one crazy motherfucker, this is a known fact. He thinks gun ownership should be unrestricted and homosexuality is “morally wrong”. On the Iraqi War issue, he says, “Our failure has been not to Nagasaki them.” I encourage anyone to read up on Ted; there are many more lovable quotes to be found. My favorite came during a concert appearance. For some reason, he had a machine gun on stage and was waving it about and said:

Obama, he’s a piece of shit. I told him to suck on my machine gun. Hey Hillary, You might want to ride one of these into the sunset, you worthless bitch.

Oh Ted, you rascal! At least when he says things like that, I can always go and listen to this, the best angry song ever written, and he’s back to semi-okay in my book:


UK Dude Sets World Record for Banging on Drum All Day

Lets face it: most drummers bang lots of sticks so they can bang lots of chicks. What? It’s true. Not Phil Knight, though.

Knight, a drummer from Ainslie Wood Road, Chingford (um, somewhere in England… pip pip cheerio!), drummed non-stop for 102 hours and 53 minutes, which, pending Guinness confirmation, beats the previous world record.

Phil Knight

But this bangfest wasn’t for Guinness glory, and it wasn’t for the chicks. Well, it sorta was. He was raising money to help female victims of trafficking, rape and genocide. “I saw an exhibition showing how trafficked women are forced to sleep with 40 or 50 men a night, are beaten, chained up and only paid money to buy condoms and tissues with,” he said.

A very noble cause! And one that will most certainly get him laid. Nice work, Phil.


Excuse the lack of updates

#RIPdimebag was not a trending topic on twitter yesterday, and it ruined my life.


American Idiot Musical (aka Things to Do in Berkeley When Punk is Dead)

green day musical

I’m not going to say that a “rock opera” can’t be punk rock. But I can’t lie… there’s something unsettling about Green Day’s “American Idiot” musical set to hit Berkeley Repertory Theatre in September. Look at that pic! Even Mike is all “Please get me outta here.”

Maybe I find it odd because I remember being 11 and listening to Dookie, singing “I’m taking pride In telling you to fuck off and die” and asking my parents the definition of “masturbation” thanks to Longview. Awkward. But I guess times have changed, and they did also claim to be a “Walking Contradiction” so I can’t say they didn’t warn us.

Anyway, you can see for yourself how seriously they’re taking the whole thing and check out its progress on the theatre’s blog here. Tickets are apparently selling fast, so if you’re in Berkeley and there’s nothing to protest, get yours fast.

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