Smile Empty Soul Is Playing ..At Your House?

Monster Energy launched a contest today that is a surefire way for your neighbors to call the police on you. They are offering one lucky fan the chance to get Smile Empty Soul to fly to your house and play a private show for you, your friends, your mama, and that one aunt that is always around. The lucky winner will also get a ton of Monster shit, Schecter guitar signed by the band and more signed shit. They will not provide the beer, though. If you want to enter just click the image below.


I always dreamed that my favorite band would come to my house and play a few songs for me and my friends, drink some beer, and break a vase or two. Of course, I never really thought about how I’d make this happen. I just always assumed they’d show up at my doorstep and give me a story that started off like:

Hey, we’re Pantera… our tour bus broke down outside your house, can we use your phone? I’m Phil, and this is Rex, Vinnie Paul, and Dimebag Darrell.

1 Response to “Smile Empty Soul Is Playing ..At Your House?”

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