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Rolling Stone can suck it.

Uncle Reg and I just got into a discussion about their Top 100 Guitarists of All Time list. This isn’t the first time we’ve discussed this travesty, and it wont be the last. I don’t seem to understand the constant riding of Kurt Cobain’s dick. I REALLY don’t understand why Jack White gets to much cred, either. The really mind baffling shit is the order of rest of these musicians. There are some very talented guitar players on this list, and then there are guitar GODS on it as well. Let’s look at ridiculousness:

#7 Stevie Ray Vaughan – I could have sworn he was number 4 a few years ago. While it was hard for me to accept three guitarists have played an axe better than SRV, it was a reasonable three. Now there are 6. What the fuck?

#16 Johnny Ramone – I don’t give a shit about history. Redundancy is the worst. If there was a top 500 list, he’d be 498. Just ahead of C.C. Deville, and whoever played guitar in qatweasel.

#22 Mike Bloomfield – Who?

#27 Mark Knopfler – What a joke. This man is a top 10. His fingertips don’t bleed when he plays. Got that, Clapton?

#50 Pete Townsend – Pedophile.

#70 Eddie Van Halen – Unjustified. I think after the top 10, they just started calling out names. Well, none of these fucking editors have really given a listen to “Beat It,” let alone an entire Van Halen record. Rolling Stone sucks.

#83 Neil Young – If he gave a shit, there would be murder/suicide headlines everywhere.

#96 Angus Young – It’s as if AC/DC was a one hit wonder, and they never made Back in Black.

#100 Kim Thayil – I’m sure this had something to do with him fading into even more obscurity.

So, Rolling Stone is for retards. Where the fuck is Dimebag?


Killswitch Engage cracks Billboard’s Top 10

Remember when cracking the top 10 meant going gold? Those days are long gone, but it’s still quite the achievement. Metalcore Gods Killswitch Engage sold 58,000 copies of their latest self-titled endeavor. It was also ranked #1 on Billboard’s Hard Music chart.

While this is all great news, and I enjoy writing about it, I care more about Goatwhore cracking the top 200 with their latest record Carving Out the Eyes of God. 2,000 + copies sold! Hooray for them.

At some point I will have reviews up for both of these albums. Hmm.


Muse reveals tracklist for The Resistance


You have no fucking idea how many times I had to play “Knights of Cydonia” on Guitar Hero III. I swear that was the most difficult song in the whole game. Anyway, Muse is back and ready to deliver some grade-A shit once again. The Resistance, the follow up to 2006’s Black Holes & Revelations, will be released September 14th in the U.K., and probably a day later in good ‘ol America.

Check the jump for complete tracklisting.

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